Blogrolling: Infactorium

May 6, 2010

I’ve been scanning the Infactorium blog penned by AnyEdge a little bit. I am captivated by post such as these.
What it was Like:

I think now about all the energy I put into trying and failing to hide it. What a waste. I remember the bathtub, the soda bottles half full of liquor. The thinking people didn’t notice. All the little games I played to try to conceal how much, how often.

What Happened:

LawnBoy said: “if [ex] shows up, please just restrict yourself to two beers.”
Now, I took minor offense to that, but I understood. Later that year I made an ass of myself at goldlust’s wedding too. I did a lot of that. I could probably write 20 pages about all the asinine things I did at friend’s weddings. I was impressive. I stranded my sister penelope in the Chicago airport, because I was too drunk to go to her aid. Like I say, impressive.

More Grants, with a Discussion of the Constancy of Inadequacy.

I found out about two weeks ago that I’m going to be co-investigator on this huge grant, covering 30% of my time and salary. It’s the same work that I was planning on doing anyway, I just had no idea that it was going to be written up for funding. Silly me. In academic circles, everything is written up for funding.

What to Call My Degree

Medical Doctors don’t have to do shit but memorize and pass a test.

Why are you still here? Go Read.

2 Responses to “Blogrolling: Infactorium”

  1. AnyEdge Says:

    Wow…thanks! I appreciate your linking to me. For the record:
    I’m a Doctor of Science in Electrical and Systems Engineering, I work in operations research in healthcare, and I’m an alcoholic, and a step father. I write about all of that.


  2. AnyEdge Says:

    Also, please note that much of my web diary is tongue in cheek: I know that MDs are very hard to get and are worth lauditory praise. But in Britain, it’s a Bachelor of Medicine. A Doctor of Medicine is a research degree. As it should be.


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