Synthetic marijuana, K2, spice, JWH-018 searches..phew

May 5, 2010

The world wide web can be a random thing at times and so it is hard to make much out of a tiny pinhole of a window. Still, something really unique in my experience is the unbelievably sustained drumbeat of Google search hits which land on my post of Feb 17, 2010 entitled:

Most of the time one of my blog posts enjoys traffic for a day or two and thereafter rapidly subsides into obscurity. I’ve never had, until now, a post that just keeps ticking away with a steady stream of daily hits from the Google like this one.
I’ve just looked at the past thousand or so hits that arrived at the blog via search word. Half of them are for this post on synthetic marijuana. This is atypical, as usually we see a much broader range of search terms landing on a variety of prior posts.
Where the search terms are elaborated, the major interests seem to be in side effects (generically), whether it is bad for you, how to make synthetic marijuana and whether a person can be tested for prior use of these items.
Anyway, like I said this is barely even a pinhole view. It would be an error to overinterpret. But it sure does represent a divergence from our usual experiences here at the blog.
Update: Abel Pharmboy reports he’s seeing the same thing on his post: What’s the buzz?: Synthetic marijuana, K2, Spice, JWH-018

6 Responses to “Synthetic marijuana, K2, spice, JWH-018 searches..phew”

  1. My post from over a year or so ago on motherfucking diaper cakes is still the biggest Google draw.


  2. Keely Says:

    huh. That’s interesting. I’d bet most of it is driven by recent news coverage of “legal highs.” I know our local news has been hitting that subject pretty hard for the last week or two here in Indiana, and on a broader scale, I can think of a handful of separate instances recently where brief snippets of news coverage on this general subject have prompted a bit of googling on my part. Granted, this stuff probably catches my attention more than that the average person, because it is a subject that interests me. That said, the instances I have in mind are from mainstream traditional media sources…hmm.
    But then, I’m a sample size of one, so I guess we’ll have to see if any other readers have noticed this trend lately.


  3. I have been smoking spice not k2 but spice for a long time now and it calms my stomach and ive been struggling with trying to get off benzodiaziapam and its the only thing thats helped me so far and ive tried every alternative to benzo so i think it should be sold to ppl 21 and over, what ppl do with it is their business, it also helped me quit smoking ciggerettes so tell me why ur doing this dumb ass ban when we can buy alchol at the store and its bad for us??
    come on think about it???


  4. Indeed, my good man. I have never had such persistently high traffic any other post. The other day I told you that 1896 of my previous 4000 hits were to the K2 post you cited above. My most recent query now shows 1721/4000. The search terms are generally just for the K2 Spice product but I’m now getting hits for Black Mamba. Those that elaborate more are looking for where to buy and for info on what JWH-018 is. For me, only a few hits are for side effects but that may reflect the different emphasis of each of our posts.
    The only other post I’ve had with persistent but modest traffic (around 5% of my hits still today), is this Nov 2009 post on Stiff Nights “male stimulant” supplement.
    Sex and drugs. That is the secret to internet traffic. Even my rock ‘n’ roll posts don’t even come close.
    Now if only someone came up with a K2 Spice product containing Stiff Nights ingredients. . .


  5. leigh Says:

    even i’m getting hits from jwh-018 search terms, and i haven’t covered that topic specifically. hm.


  6. 20% or so of my not-quite-insubstantial blog traffic is to my JWH-018 tox article. Got about 700 comments in total.
    Abel: How much did you get paid for that “sold on the internet” link? 😉


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