w00t to the Skloot!!!!

December 31, 2008

Please welcome the newest addition to ScienceBlogs in the form of the Culture Dish blog. The About page of author Rebecca Skloot:

She financed her undergraduate and graduate degrees in biomedical sciences and nonfiction writing by working in emergency rooms, neurology labs, veterinary morgues and martini bars.

That should make the sale right there, my friends. In case you are the cautious blog shopper, take a gander at her very impressive chops or check out the old Culture Dish blog.

No Responses Yet to “w00t to the Skloot!!!!”

  1. Dr. Feelgood Says:

    You have a serious blogger crush. Way to hide your real feelings!
    Doc F


  2. Dave Says:

    Wow. A blog by a pro. Looks good. Thanks for the heads up. I’m already enjoying a bunch of stuff from her old site, and look forward to the new stuff.


  3. Beaker Says:

    She’s just completed a book about Henrietta Lacks. How cool is that? I recall hearing that Henrietta’s family at one point tried to claim exclusive rights to her cells. Can’t wait to read about it!


  4. yogi-one Says:

    Her resume is overwhelming. There’s so many links in her Dec 30th post I don’t know where to begin…


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