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December 3, 2008

Three recent new additions to the blog-o-science-sphere Tribe’s miniTribes.
Ewan of brain glucose announced the arrival of his second son (lots of pictures are up).
After a Thanksgiving Day false alarm, Nat Blair of Junction Potential welcomed the arrival of his new daughter.
Go leave a note for their wives, will ya?
Occasional commenter microfool also recently welcomed the arrival of a new mini-microfool. No blog so you might as well give microfool a shout-out here.
Great News all of you!

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

The comments following my prior post are starting to drift into a bit of a misconception over what the NIH is and is not doing about gender disparity in the research they fund. Some of this is my fault for a lack of clarity and for expecting readers to view Isis’ original post and particularly this comment from drdrA:

There is actually an entire office at the NIH, the Office of Research on Women’s Health devoted to many subjects involving women, including ensuring that research conducted and paid for by NIH adequately addresses issues of women’s health, and their inclusion in biomedical and behavioral studies. see:

The drift is captured in this comment:

The NIH, as a leader in science funding, has a responsibility to be fair in its allocation of resources.

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