Wet Blanket

December 31, 2008

As you prepare to welcome in the New Year, do me a favor will you? Reflect on the past month or so of the drinking season. Have an Uncle Joe or Aunt Sally who just seems to be wasted all the freakin’ time? Realizing just how many bottles Grampa goes through in a week? Maybe think you, yourself, may be getting a little out of control?
This is not the place for diagnosis, of course. Not of yourself, and not for Cousin John. Internet sources of information on addictive disorders and alcoholism can help but these are best simply at getting you to contact professional medical care.
Oh yes. That’s my main plea. Addiction is a medical problem with medical solutions. They are not highly effective solutions at present in the sense that current practices cannot easily or immediately cure every dependent individual. Clinical intervention can be extremely helpful to some individuals.
What about New Year’s Resolutions? Can willpower do the job? Sure, just as with metabolic disorders where willpower in controlling the amount and types of food one eats can be helpful. Some people will be able to cut back on drinking simply by realizing that they need to do so. Again, as with metabolic disorders, some cases require or can be improved further by clinical care. If we thought we had diabetes we would not resist seeking medical attention, would we? Or hesitate to recommend it to Dad? Let us think of alcohol use disorders the same way. Make a Resolution, will you?

Not to completely undercut the above message but our favorite blogging bartender has whipped up a few cocktails for the holidays. Scribbler50 introduced me to one I haven’t heard of before:

Drugmonkey… have a Bongwater, man, may it spark and trip your already mad rebel genius.

It’s embarrassing enough I had no idea wtf a Bongwater was prior to this reference. Google is no help, turning up a plethora of recipes..help me out here my younger Readers? What’s your canonical Bongwater cocktail recipe?

8 Responses to “Wet Blanket”

  1. TreeFish Says:

    Happy New Year dear DM readers. I have a pretty effective method for reducing/eliminating my alcohol intake…but it involves getting Mrs. TreeFish pregnant. Since Mrs. TreeFish can’t drink, TreeFish can’t drink either…except at family parties…with my Irish in-laws. So, if one has serious difficulties reducing alcohol intake, professional help would be better than cuckholding TreeFish.


  2. microfool Says:

    The Microfool family chooses to observe the same tradition as Treefish’s–excluding rare events like blogger meetups.
    Thankfully, this restriction ends after our new microfools arrive.
    One effect/benefit of this tradition is that I become a lightweight for a few months after I hop off the wagon again.
    In any case, the Microfools will be celebrating the New Year in our traditional fashion: Cheese fondue and 8PM bedtimes all around.
    Happy New Year!


  3. Stephanie Z Says:

    Long ago resolved, DM. A little afraid I may have to put the resolution into effect with a friend again this year, though, so polishing it off never hurts. [sigh] Thanks.


  4. I’ve never had one, but I’m pretty sure Bongwater is a girly girl drink. Maybe he meant to tell you that you should do a couple of shots of Jameson with PP?
    Happy new year, DrugMonkey!
    And thanks for the reminder about alcohol addiction. Alcoholism is a disease drenched in so much stigma that it is often swept under the carpet, both by those who suffer from it and by their families. There are several alcoholics in my family, and in my experience, the best treatment usually comes from professional sources.


  5. leigh Says:

    thanks for bringing up this important topic, DM. plenty of us joke around about getting plastered on new years eve (or other celebratory occasions), but it’s important to recognize that drinking is a problem behavior for some.
    i’m quite familiar with alcoholism, and denial on the part of the alcoholic and oftentimes codependent family members. in some cases it really takes a lot to break through the barriers that maintain the addiction. (for example, jail time.)


  6. Dave Says:

    Alcohol is for sissies. I’m bringing in the new year with my pal Harry Jones.


  7. scribbler50 Says:

    Drugmonkey, Sir… just having some fun and I hope the joke was taken in the “spirit” intended. (A compliment!) As I had said to Abel Pharmboy regarding his “G-Spot” cocktail, and as you stated above, there is a plethora of recipes out there for some of these fucking concoctions and I for one sure don’t know the canonicals. I loathe these kinds of (cocktails?). And again, as I told the Abel Pharmboy, I was going more for the names of these drinks than what the hell goes in them, (so disregard Candid Engineer’s hypothesis regarding the “girly drink”), ’twas the play on words that guided me through this maze. That said, and since we all know what “bongwater” is… it seemed to lend itself handily to the play on words that goes with a name like Drugmonkey. (Phew!!!)
    And just for the record, the Bongwater Cocktail I found when researching this list was the one that called for Absolut Citron, white rum and cream. Except for the cream, not too “girly” a drink I’d say.
    Happy New Year, DM., to you and yours… and even someone like me agrees with the theme and message of your Wet Blanket post up above.
    PS: I’m quite proud, by the way, of my use of the word “hypothesis” on a science blog!


  8. Anonymous Says:

    Drink it


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