Hard truths for supposed neuroscientists

September 18, 2014

This is the truest and best thing I have read on the internet today.


12 Responses to “Hard truths for supposed neuroscientists”

  1. This is completely fucken stupid. Are we really gonna argue about whether we need multidisciplinary approaches that attack big biological problems at various levels of reductionism?


  2. drugmonkey Says:

    No, we’re going to sit back and chuckle self-satisfiedly at each other’s conceits. like usual.


  3. I mean the fucken galactic scale stupidity of Scienerdorkeekist is mind-boggling.

    So there is nothing special about the cell biology of neurons compared to other cells? And it isn’t “neuroscience” to study the cell biology of neurons, it is just “accidental”? It’s not “neuroscience” unless every single experiment you ever do involves a behavioral assay?

    Is this some kind of Twitter joking around I don’t get, or is this meant to be serious?


  4. drugmonkey Says:

    well, *I* posted it because it is hilarious smack and some uptight douche such as yourself is guaranteed to take it as serious and get all amusingly irritated. but I can’t speak for the twitter person.


  5. rxnm Says:

    seriously, CPP, you are pretty much self-FWDAOTI here.


  6. Isn’t the study of behavior ethology and not neuroscience? Yes, I know some studies straddle the line between disciplines, but behavior certainly isn’t *required*.


  7. DrugMonkey Says:

    No JB, no it isn’t.


  8. rxnm Says:

    Unless you study pore selectivity in ion channels, you aren’t doing neuroscience. You’re basically doing ecology with animals that happen to have cells with ion channels in them.


  9. DrugMonkey Says:

    You can’t even see merely wrong from where you are.


  10. odyssey Says:

    Meh. If you’re not working on calcium-binding proteins you’re just doing phenomenology.


  11. OK, fine. It’s a joke. Now I get it.


  12. becca Says:

    “seriously, CPP, you are pretty much self-FWDAOTI here.”
    The term is MWDAOTI.


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