The Society for Neuroscience is launching a new Open Access journal

January 15, 2014

An email from current president of the Society for Neuroscience announced the intent of the society to launch a new Open Access journal. They are seeking an Editor in Chief, so if you know any likely candidates nominate them.

The Society for Neuroscience Council has appointed a Search Committee to recommend candidates to serve as editors-in-chief for two Society-published journals:

The Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Neuroscience, to be appointed for a 5-year term beginning Jan. 1, 2015, after a period of transition with the current editor; and
The first Editor-in-Chief of a new online, open access neuroscience journal, expected to launch in late 2014, and temporarily referred to herein as “New Journal.” Please see the announcement here for more information about New Journal. This 5-year appointment will commence in the spring of 2014, to allow the new editor to be involved in decisions connected with the start-up of New Journal and the organizing of an initial editorial board.

The members of the Search Committee are: Moses Chao, Chair; Holly Cline; Barry Everitt; David Fitzpatrick; and Eve Marder.

The list of evaluation criteria may help you to think about who you should nominate.

In evaluating candidates for the editor-in-chief positions, the Search Committee will consider the following criteria:

  • previous editorial experience

  • adequate time flexibility to take on the responsibilities of editor-in-chief

  • a distinguished record of research in neuroscience

  • familiarity with online submission, peer review and manuscript tracking systems

  • ideas about novel approaches and receptivity to innovation during a time of great change in the scientific publishing field

  • service to and leadership in the neuroscience community (e.g., SfN committees)

  • evidence of good management skills and the ability to lead colleagues on an editorial board

  • for New Journal: the capacity to proactively engage on a start-up venture, and to innovate and lead in the creation of a high quality open access neuroscience journal, and guide it on a path to success

  • for The Journal of Neuroscience: the capacity to build on an established record of success, while continuing to evolve a leading journal in the field and take it to the next level

Interesting next step for the SfN. Obviously reflects some thinking that they may be left behind (even further, see diminishing reputation after the launch of Nature Neuroscience and Neuron) in the glorious New World Order of Open Access publication. Might just be a recognition that Open Access fees for a new journal when all the infrastructure is already there is going to be a cash cow for the Society from the beginning.

What I will be fascinated to see is where they pitch the New Journal* in terms of impact. Are they just trying to match JNeuro? Will they deliberately go a little lower down the feeding chain to avoid undercutting the flagship journal?

*my suggestion of Penfield must have been too esoteric a reference…..

13 Responses to “The Society for Neuroscience is launching a new Open Access journal”

  1. dr24hours Says:

    Fine. I’ll do it. Now: What’s a neuro?


  2. Neuropop Says:

    So they plan to compete against PLoS (One, Computational Biology) and/or Frontiers? In the Neuroscience Open Access space, there is really no other journal, is there? If they don’t dilute the flagship brand, then there might be a solid demand out there. My guess is that they were seeing a large volume of submissions that were being turned away by J. Neurosci. which could be captured by Penfield.


  3. DJMH Says:

    Sounds like they need name suggestions even more than they need EIC suggestions. I vote for:
    New Journal of England Medicine


  4. drugmonkey Says:



  5. DJMH Says:



  6. Grumble Says:



  7. Dave Says:



  8. drugmonkey Says:

    Now now


  9. The Other Dave Says:

    Yea, now they can cash in on all the papers J. Neurosci. rejects. Smart business move.


  10. qaz Says:

    Great, now they want us to pay for submitting to JNeurosci AND for publishing in NeurosciDumpJournal when it gets rejected from JNeurosci.

    If this was really about open access, they could just make JNeurosci open access. Of course, it’s not about open access. It’s about trying to get a piece of action from the publish-everything (everything reasonable?) journal model.

    We’ll see if they work down (submit to JNsci, move to NsciDumpJournal when it gets rejected) or up (submit to NsciDumpJournal, publish everything, some subset get extended into JNsci).


  11. dsks Says:

    I was just saying to a colleague last week that what the field needs more than anything else right now is another neuroscience journal.

    I vote for, “PayAsYouGoNeuro”.


  12. DJMH Says:

    Public Open NeuroScience, so we can call it PONS.


  13. drugmonkey Says:

    Public Wide-open NeuroScience (PWNS)


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