Why are US Government produced "works" on the Mars Curiosity Rover locked up behind a GlamourMag paywall?

September 26, 2013

or so asketh Mike Eisen:

There’s really no excuse for this. The people in charge of the rover project clearly know that the public are intensely interested in everything they do and find. So I find it completely unfathomable that they would forgo this opportunity to connect the public directly to their science. Shame on NASA.

This whole situation is even more absurd, because US copyright law explicitly says that all works of the federal government – of which these surely must be included – are not subject to copyright. So, in the interests of helping NASA and Science Magazine comply with US law, I am making copies of these papers freely available here:


Go Read, and download the papers.

h/t: bill

3 Responses to “Why are US Government produced "works" on the Mars Curiosity Rover locked up behind a GlamourMag paywall?”

  1. Despite the mocking, doesn’t he have a point though? We *paid* for these results. It’s particular distasteful coming from Science, which is supposed to be a non-profit. At least the other GlamMag is run by a company that makes no excuses that it exists solely to make money.


  2. DrugMonkey Says:

    What “mocking”? I am *promoting*.


  3. Okay then — I thought the “comrade” stuff was mocking, but I guess it was done in good spirits.


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