Thought of the Day

August 16, 2013

Fuck blueberries.

16 Responses to “Thought of the Day”

  1. The Other Dave Says:

    That’s it. Now you’re just going out of your way to provoke me! Dammit DM, how can you take such a silly position with regard to such an awesome little ball of resveratrol and tastiness?

    P.S. If you just won a bet that I would respond to this post, I want half.


  2. You know what fucken berry ought to fucke itself ever more than blueberries? Motherfucken cranberries! FUCKE CRANBERRIES! AND FUCKE THE MOTHERFUCKEN BOGGE THAT BORE THEM!


  3. DrugMonkey Says:

    Curse at your urinary tract peril, PP.


  4. The best berries are strawberries. When I am cruising around in the back of my fucken Bentley, there’s nothing better than strawberries and creme fraiche washed down with some motherfucken Dom Perignon. And I buy boxes of blueberries just to throw them out the window at panhandlers and street urchins to keep them back at red lights.


  5. The Other Dave Says:

    Raisins are the worst. I don’t think anyone is going to argue with this. Raisins are sucky and stupid in every possible way.


  6. becca Says:

    Come visit Michigan. We will change your mind about blueberries, oh yes we will.


  7. Physician Scientist Says:

    Maine has the best blueberries.

    How did you even get a job thinking Michigan has better blueberries than Maine? Michigan? They can’t even keep their largest city out of backruptcy. How can they grow blueberries?


  8. Bam294 Says:

    Isn’t this the third thought of the day?


  9. DrugMonkey Says:

    Strawberries are the fruit of the oppressor.


  10. becca Says:

    I have not been to Maine, so I cannot comment. HOWEVER, the blueberries around here are an order of magnitude better than elsewhere I have been. Enough to convert many a blueberry hater.
    But anyway. Detroit is going bankrupt because of racism. Blueberries might be part of the solution (, but not part of the problem. Racism and strawberries are the problem.
    Although I always secretly suspected Maine : blueberries :: Vermont : maple syrup- overhyped and way better before everyone else got into it /#foodiehipsterdouchery


  11. Ola Says:

    I guess DM was listening to NPR this morning too, huh?


  12. DrugMonkey Says:

    Ola- no, why?

    becca- VT? No wai. A distant fourth at best.


  13. dr24hours Says:

    You’re not only wrong, you’re not even making sense.


  14. killinchy Says:

    Blueberries for children. Black currants for grownups.


  15. Raisins are just dead grapes.
    Fruit and vegetables are what food eats.


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