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May 17, 2013

Slightly NSFW so after the jump…..

Feel free to expand upon your opinion of someone raised in the US to adulthood who is unfamiliar with this phrasing.

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17 Responses to “Reader Poll”

  1. bashir Says:

    I don’t know the reference. “Got [verbed] in the nads” can only be two things. Racked seems like the unfun option.


  2. sara Says:

    Yeah, I agree with bashir. But I discovered in my 20’s that I’m particularly ignorant of slang so am not the best sample.


  3. namnezia Says:

    I pictured it more like running into a low piece of furniture at high speed.


  4. The Other Dave Says:

    This poll reminds me of nerdy 8th grade arguments about the definition of ‘second base’.

    We’re such dorks.


  5. drugmonkey Says:

    I am curious to how one becomes “particularly ignorant of slang”, sara?


  6. Stochastic Sam Says:

    In the Californian Discourse Community we would say he got “hella railed in the junk.”


  7. sara Says:

    I’m not sure! But I played ultimate frisbee somewhat obsessively throughout grad school. The team names/cheers were more than enough to help me catch up.


  8. drugmonkey Says:

    The person who is Patient Zero for this investigation is by no means a Millennial and has no such excuse SS


  9. Only concussion-addled middle-aged Walter Mitty
    “athletes” use terminology like “got racked” or “racked in the nads”.


  10. The Other Dave Says:

    Wait… in the second one are we talking about billiards or boobs? Or something else?


  11. miko Says:

    Where/when I grew “to rack” meant — and only meant — “to hit in the nuts.”

    We also drank pop.


  12. anonymous postdoc Says:

    I consider myself in the top 15th percentile on slang, and am technically a millennial to boot, but I have never before heard “rack” used in reference to testicular injury. Although based on miko’s comment, it sounds like it must be yet another flyover country abomination along the lines of calling soda “pop”, and therefore unworthy of further consideration.


  13. BikeMonkey Says:

    It is not unique to flyover land.

    “Pop” is, I agree, an abomination.


  14. Eli Rabett Says:

    For this the bunnies have the urban dictionary


  15. Grumble Says:

    Huh, what? A rack of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotides?


  16. DrugMonkey Says:

    On a related topic, I wonder if anyone ever determined the fraction of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” and related shows that revolved around rackage ? Gotta be upwards of 66%, right?


  17. The Other Dave Says:

    A review of Funniest Home Video data suggests that the following are huge threats to health and safety. I demand action by congress.

    1) Piñatas
    2) Trampolines
    3) Dancing on any sort of raised platform, especially at weddings
    4) ATVs
    5) Children and little dogs

    Disclosure: I have not watched that show sober since 2004.


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