Happy Bike-To-Work Day 2013!

May 17, 2013

Props if you rode today!

11 Responses to “Happy Bike-To-Work Day 2013!”

  1. TheThirdReviewer Says:

    Unfortunately the rain drove off some of our numbers. Although we did have one that did ~15 miles in the rain. Mad props to her.


  2. Dr. Noncoding Arenay Says:

    I (motor)biked to work today, just like I do everyday. Not as environment-friendly as bicycles, but much friendlier than cars/trucks/SUVs!


  3. Props to a fucken dumshitte who can’t avoid a motherfucken chainring tattoo???????


  4. Isis the Scientist Says:

    Hahah!! That’s my leg every day!!!

    You’re a damned troll.


  5. Learn to fucken mount and dismount a bike properly, and you don’t get motherfucken chainring tattoos!


  6. mineralphys Says:

    my bike chain tattoos never ever look that cutie.


  7. Blaise Pascal Says:

    I walked. It’s only 3/4 mile commute one way.


  8. BikeMonkey Says:

    3/4 is still biking distance BP!


  9. Ola Says:

    Rode the single speed MTB today. Big wide riser bar, relaxed stance, bouncy fork, big buzzy tires. Even though it’s a pumped up ride just begging to be taken off road, it’s so relaxing to start the day with a few kerb hops. Such a blast to ride to work instead of my regular commuter bike. Couldn’t wait until home time.


  10. Jekka Says:

    Huh, we had ours last week:


    But every day is BTW day when lab is only 2 miles away.


  11. BikeMonkey Says:

    Remember that May is Bike to Work Month folks. You can still participate.


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