A: Labrador Retriever

April 28, 2011


Not as in “Fuck me!”. Nor even as in “Gee, what a fucked up situation”. More like as in

Fuck you, you fucking pitbull owners.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.—A New Mexico woman who witnessed four pit bulls fatally maul another woman on Easter Sunday said Thursday that she heard screams from inside her home, then rushed outside and saw that the victim had “big chunks missing” from her head and stomach and had arms that were bitten to the bone.

oooh, you say, musta been bad owners. poorly trained dogs. oh yeah?

Police Chief Patrick Gallagher has said the city hadn’t received any complaints about the dogs.

Q: Aren’t there some other dogs that you could own that would be just as nice of a pet?

In case you missed it, there is a great column up at Nature News by Professor Hidde Ploegh. It laments the ever increasing demands by reviewers of scientific manuscripts, particularly for GlamourMag level journals, for additional experiments.

Submit a biomedical-research paper to Nature or other high-profile journals, and a common recommendation often comes back from referees: perform additional experiments. Although such extra work can provide important support for the results being presented, all too frequently it represents instead an entirely new phase of the project, or does not extend the reach of what is reported.

The comments are shaping up quite nicely (also see my post at Scientopia) over there and I was struck by one particular contrast.
Maxine Clarke, Publishing Executive Editor (and listed fourth on the masthead) of Nature, issues a denial of culpability when she says:

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