For those of you that haven’t been following along, Oklahoma State University President Burns Hargis unilaterally blocked a project on anthrax vaccine development from going forward. The project was IACUC approved and NIH funding had been allocated (OSU’s end was a subcontract on the project). The reasons given by President Hargis were less than convincing. It boiled down to an assertion that the work was “controversial” and “not in the interests of OSU”, combined with a rejection of the speculation that he had caved in to demands from one of OSU’s biggest donor couples (the wife of the couple is a noted AR activist and well beloved by extremist organizations). Did I mention the project included baboons as research subjects?
[ A great summary is here at Speaking of Research. ]
In all the explaining coming from President Hargis and OSU spokespeople, we have a continued assertion that the University is not against all animal reseach and has not been swayed by AR activists. Well, one of the Oklahoma state legislators isn’t buying this line of bullpockey anymore than I am.
Representative Phil Richardson:

“I bleed Orange as much as anyone, but I am deeply concerned by the actions of OSU officials, which appear designed to cater to animal-rights fanatics instead of providing a sound education in agricultural sciences,” said Richardson, a Minco Republican who received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from OSU in 1967.

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Repost: The Big Bucks

December 18, 2009

For some reason or other the recent discussions around here on the way we should view NIH grant money (largesse, fee-for-service) made me think this issue was worth raising again. While we’re looking all….entitled you know. This post originally appeared Jan 15, 2008 on the old blog.

A recent reader discussion touching on scientist compensation has blown up on a prior post. Bill (no, not that Bill) and whimple have been leading the charge. To add another data point we have the current NIH Notice on Salary Limitation on Grants, etc. The money quote is as follows:

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