In case anyone missed this, The Brain Observatory at UCSD is slicing perhaps the most well known brain in cognitive neuroscience. That of Henry Molaison, aka “HM”.
DAY 2 UPDATE: They are slicing again after quite a bit of time to get a new microtome blade going. You can follow Twitter commentary on the #HM hashtag (even if you don’t have a Twitt account).

Following up my recent notes on the OSU situation (wherein the President decided to block a research project apparently at the behest of a wealthy donor) Speaking of Research has additional thoughts.

They also point out that the research is part of a much larger investment made by the state of Oklahoma and other funding sources that contributed over the past several years to construct state-of-the-art biosafety laboratory facilities at OSU. The facility was built with the express intent of supporting nonhuman primate research and under the condition that it would also be accessible to researchers at other Oklahoma institutions.

This makes this a much larger problem than the blocking of a single grant. The NIH frequently partners with the local University to build long-term infrastructure (yes, including major building renovations) with the intent of supporting a certain type of research. To accept this money and then refuse to subsequently conduct the intended research is a whole new level of bad on the part of the University.
If this is really the situation, that the baboon studies were a major part of the reason the original infrastructure award(s) were made…well, I think the NIH should be seeking cost recovery from OSU.
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