A recent commentary in Nature by Barbara Sahakian and Sharon Morein-Zamir discusses the ethical questions arising from the use of cognitive enhancing drugs to improve intellectual function in “normal” people. This follows a prior piece in Nature arguing that science-enhancing drugs may not be just acceptable but indeed laudable, which I covered previously. A couple of blogs are already on it, including Adventures in Ethics and Science (natch), Retrospectacle and Action Potential. [Update: 12/21/07: More from the Silverback , Corpus Callosum and Munger.] Commentary on the first two Borg blogs is already quite brisk. People seem to love discussing brain doping! Read the rest of this entry »

The BM has been reduced to near incoherency of profanity in response to Uncertain Chad’s take on a denial-of-tenure case at U. Michigan Law School. [Update 12/21/07: DeanDad has a good take on this] In short the denied professor of law is suing because he feels that some of the voting members of the department may have voted against granting him tenure because of teh gay: Read the rest of this entry »