‘course we never called it that. We were just trying to jump our bikes as far as we could. For those of us who’s formative bike riding years were the 70’s, well, Evel Knievel has passed. See Dave Moulton’s post for the reminiscing about the BMX years…

Sloooow Burn

December 4, 2007

Just noticed this post on Uncertain Principles. Chad’s breaking out the can ‘o whupass on a piece in Inside Higher Ed from a Rob Weir. Go read both. I’m going to have to sit on it a bit before I can even be coherent. What Chad said. The stupid, it buuuurrrns!

Bunny Hopping

December 4, 2007

A recent comment from whimple is pretty self explanatory:

Say I work on the mechanics of bunny-hopping. My papers get sent for review to colleague bunny-hoppers, my grants are reviewed by the bunny-hopping study section, and there is never really an opportunity (ESPECIALLY with the study section) for a non-bunny-hopper to stand up and say, “look, other than the bunny-hoppers, nobody really cares about bunny-hopping, and I think we already know all we need to know about bunny-hopping for now,” and close down the field.

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