Freeware Impact Factorin’ on Google Scholar

October 3, 2007

There’s a nifty little application called Publish or Perish available from which calculates impact factors and other related metrics including:

  • Total number of papers
  • Total number of citations
  • Average number of citations per paper
  • Average number of citations per author
  • Average number of papers per author
  • Average number of citations per year
  • Hirsch’s h-index and related parameters
  • Egghe’s g-index
  • The contemporary h-index
  • The age-weighted citation rate
  • Two variations of individual h-indices
  • An analysis of the number of authors per paper.

The trick? It uses GoogleScholar meaning your results are certain to vary from an ISI metric. In theory it should incorporate more journals since ISI doesn’t index everything. My numbers were lower so go figure. Anyway, fun to play around with, especially if you don’t have ISI access or publish frequently in non-ISI-indexed journals.

Hattip: Jake.

3 Responses to “Freeware Impact Factorin’ on Google Scholar”

  1. Neuro-conservative Says:

    Thanks! There goes my productivity for the rest of the night…


  2. drugmonkey Says:

    and??? what did you come up with? do share…


  3. Neuro-conservative Says:

    My numbers were different from ISI, but some were higher and some were lower — h-index ended up the same. The software (actually the google search) could use a little tweaking: filtering on abstract vs full article; removing book chapters; merging misspelled citations back into the correct reference. The most important feature they could add would be a time limit for each session, after which the software can’t be used for 24 hours — once I get started with citation counting, I have too look up all of my friends/enemies.


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