Shocked, simply shocked I tell ya

September 21, 2007

Geneviève Jeanson has confessed to EPO use (scroll down). I’m flabbergasted. Remember when she was the cat’s meow of women’s bike racing? A teenaged wunderkind kicking the pants of all of those women with lengthy performance records? Practically lapping the field in Montreal? Please. Everybody knew at the time. Couldn’t prove it. Then she was busted for hematocrit or something a couple of times. Denied, denied, denied. Now, confession.

Just like Bjarne Riis. All the hoopla this summer over his confession seemed to completely overlook that back in ’96 everybody “knew” he was juiced. Look on Usenet if you don’t recall the conventional wisdom and available public evidence. He “vehemently denied” drug use for a decade.

Screw it. I’m off the Pollyanna bandwagon. If your effort was “superhuman” on one goo day, you changed from domestique to superstud in one season or you  dominated the competition (which has confessed to doping) for years, well I think you were a doper. The whole bunch of ya. Indurain, Ulrich, Armstrong, Basso, Vinokourov… the list goes on. Dopers. We’ll get confessions eventually.

Now the bandwagon I share with DM and am most certainly not off is the stupid ticky-tack, not ready for an Acta journal analysis that passes for doping science. What a freaking joke. Landis’ appeal was turned back. It shouldn’t have been. He probably doped with something sure. Maybe the reason he’s so pissed is that it wasn’t with exogenous testosterone! Who the fuck could know what with the dumb ass procedures that were in place to analyze the samples, blind the analysis and replicate with the “B” sample.

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  1. […] don’t buy the Bettini exception. Not that this proves he’s a doper, although, as I said I’m off the Believerz bandwagon and I assume most of the superstars are doping or have doped in the past. I’m sympathetic to […]


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