Nature has an editorial on an upcoming surge in cheap EPO due to a European Commission approval of “generic” EPO to compete with Amgen’s product (Epogen) and the one J&J licenses from Amgen (Aranesp). Read the rest of this entry »

Stuey has a little thought for you.

and Vande Velde has me ROFL with this one:

if I was French I would’ve been the top Frenchman in the Tour de France this year and my salary would probably be doubled, all this while working for the captains of my team. I am clean, so can I apply for a French passport? I only live 63k away from the French border.

The DM has been talking, I think, about career progression in research focused tracks. This got started by some discussions around the usual blogs and even Science/Nature on the age old theme of “We’re producing too many Ph.D.s (or MD/PhDs) for the available jobs…it’s a crisis!” This is an issue that overlaps with traditional professor type job seeking. [UPDATE: 9/21/07, Chad Orzel has two thoughts on suckitude in the physics job market.] I’m trying to reconcile the usual thought that every academic job posting results in 200+ applications with a story I’ve heard twice in recent months. Read the rest of this entry »