Unfortunately I detest Cheerios

May 31, 2013

Context, context and more context.



I have no problem with interracial couples but I am tired of having it shoved in my face constantly. The same goes for the LGBT agenda and religion. I could care less who you marry, what your sexual preference or religion is, just stop constantly shoving it in our faces.

ahh, yes. the “shoving it in my face” objection. Beloved of the anti-gay bigots but I haven’t heard this one about skin-tone or ethnic diversity since the 80s era of Benetton’s “shocking” ads. So if we’re going on a principle and all, what about those tired of the mainstream, traditional relationships being shoved in their faces? That’s called an own-goal, o ye bigotrim. Try another ploy.

kinda quiet

It’s not racist to want to preserve your own racial and cultural heritage. Whites and Europeans in general have their own racial and genetic heritage.

In Israel, it is against the law for Jews to intermarry with non-Jews. But nobody complains about that because they respect the right of the Jewish people to exist as a unique people. If Whites in America have a law such as this, there would be thousands of affidavits filed in Federal Court and special interests groups crying racism. This article is “cry wolf” sensationalism demonizing Whites for wanting to protect their own unique cultural and racial heritage. LaRaza, NAACP, ADL these are groups that are race-based and designed to protect their own heritage. But if Whites do this they will be publicly humiliated they will start to lose their jobs and some even be criminally prosecuted.

Right because there is absolutely nothing whatsoever unique about Israel and the treatment of Jewish folks around the world within the last couple of generations.


If the commercial is to be about the cereal then why so much focus on who is in the commercial and not on the product its self. Bad choice by General Mills and its promotion team to use your product to promote an agenda other then the product. Not everyone is going to agree with what you do in a commercial, so stick with the product and not with trying to promote a personal agenda.

Amateur marketing geeeeenius weighs in! Take note oh Saatchi and Saatchi, you dilettantes!


You Don’t go against nature you don’t mix a tiger with a loin that’s not right

With the benefit of the doubt for fumble fingers, I give you Ligers. Just like mixed-race kids are objectively cuter, the Liger is more badass than even a Tiger. Which kicks the shit out of a Lion anyway. So yeah….Ligers.


Psh, that pairing is everywhere. Try merman and sandwoman to get my attention.

A merman is real, no matter what the cabal of denialists say. Not sure about sandwoman. I’m sure they will be happy together.

22 Responses to “Unfortunately I detest Cheerios”

  1. Tim Says:

    Yeah, I certainly wouldn’t want to mix a tiger with my loin under any circumstances.


  2. kevin. Says:

    “preserve your own racial and cultural heritage.”

    Maybe we should just put some blood pure peoples of every race into a museum, or at least bank their precious bodily fluids or ES cells, should we ever need to go back to the good old days.

    As a white guy of European descent, I am not particularly worried about society should we lose our grand tradition of meatloaf and awkwardness. But, I can see how being a minority might make you more inclined to not lose yourself and kids to the white culture machine. Whatever, as long as the food stays yummy and language and music stay interesting.


  3. drugmonkey Says:

    or at least bank their precious bodily fluids or ES cells,

    hmmmm, too cynical to have a startup to bank white-supremacists’ “pure” DNA? Could probably fund a lab or two off of that business….


  4. AmasianV Says:

    Wonder what the reaction would have been like if the interracialness weren’t 50% white…say black and Asian.

    On the other end of the spectrum, imagine if it were a interracial, gay couple with [adopted] child…


  5. drugmonkey Says:

    I don’t get it, AmasianV….everyone knows that “interracial” means White-hyphen-somethingbrown so….?


  6. AmasianV Says:

    Silly me, what *was* I thinking? Think this is just the first of a series of commercials featuring interracial couples and biracial children? My bet is they’ll roll out Jewish guy & Asian woman for the next commersh…plus everyone knows “halfie”-Asian kids are the cutest! (proof: http://pinterest.com/pinklilpistol/adorable-asian-babies-halfies/)


  7. bsci Says:

    For what it’s worth, the description of Israeli law on marriages is oversimplified. Within Israel, there aren’t cross-religious weddings because the authority to perform a wedding is defined by a centralized authority for each major religion in the country. As I just learned from wikipedia, this is actually based on a system that goes back to the Ottoman empire so it’s not specific to Jews & not a response to the Holocaust ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marriage_in_Israel ). The system has major issues including things like, since the centralized Jewish authority is rather right wing, even many Jews prefer to get married out of the system rather than having a rabbi who they’ll never meet again officiate & micromanage their ceremony.

    What Israel does have is recognition of marriages performed out of the country including civil marriages, interfaith marriages, and gay marriages. That means there’s a very brisk business of destination weddings out of the country including for weddings that couldn’t take place in the country (the same wiki page says 1/10 marriages in Israel in the year 2000 was out of the country). This is more than a bit ridiculous work-around a ridiculous law, but the practice is so normative that it’s false to say that intermarriage is illegal, is false. Some quick searching will also find many cases of Israelis complaining about the law too and Israeli political parties including civil marriage in their platforms.


  8. Grumble Says:

    “Right because there is absolutely nothing whatsoever unique about Israel and the treatment of Jewish folks around the world within the last couple of generations. ”

    As bsci points out, the Israeli marriage laws may have nothing to do with the Holocaust. Whether they actually do or not, however, it’s absolutely ridiculous to justify discriminatory laws by reference to the Holocaust. By this logic, the fact that Africans were enslaved and brought here to America means that it would be fine for an African-American community to pass a law against intermarriage. How absurd.


  9. TheThirdReviewer Says:

    LOOK TO THE COOKIE! -Jerry Seinfeld


  10. drugmonkey Says:

    Thanks for the elaboration bsci


  11. drugmonkey Says:

    I was entirely too flip on that one Grumble and bsci. I will admit.


  12. Ola Says:

    We call them “donut seeds” in our house.

    FYI, the last state to overturn a ban on interracial marriage was Alabama. Guess when it happened? (hint – probably a lot more recently than you would think).


  13. Lirael Says:

    bsci already elaborated on the Israeli thing, but I also want to point out that the protection of the civil rights of mixed families is an actual political issue in Israel, with groups like the Association for the Protection of Mixed Families’ Rights and the New Family Organization working for their greater acceptance, and tensions within right-wing coalitions because former-USSR-immigrant-dominated Yisrael Beiteinu, a prominent right-wing party there, is pro-mixed-family-rights (as a lot of former-USSR immigrant families are mixed), while most of the other right-wing parties are decidedly not.

    That is probably more than you wanted to know. I wonder if that particular commenter’s head would break if they considered, say, the marriage of a German-Israeli Jew to an Ethopian-Israeli Jew.


  14. becca Says:

    Dude, what the heck is wrong with you? Cheerios are awesome. Especially the multigrain ones. *shoves multigrain correctness down everyone’s throats*


  15. Hermitage Says:

    How many of these people have forgotten that a nontrivial percentage of multi-generational white Americans are part black? That fight was lost a long time ago…


  16. @Ola, no no
    From my SAT vocab studying back in the 1990s:

    The fecund bagels produced an entire box of Cheerios.


  17. anonymous Says:

    I live in Israel and I’m a jew who’s married to a non-jew. Things don’t go by skin color around here like they do in the States (not nearly as much); religious identity matters a lot more and in the Missile East religious identity is tied to ethnicity. We had to go to Cyprus to get married and get the marriage accepted in Israel. I was pretty angry about it at the time, and I kept getting into bad arguments with religious people and calling them idiots. I pretty much became a jewish anti-semite for a bit due to that, but now I don’t care as much. It’s the normal mode to despise your own community a bit in the Levant and not in the diaspora.

    This is more of a problem for the Druze because if they marry someone else in Cyprus, they are ejected from the community. For a scientist, one of the universities won’t hire me as professor, Bar Ilan who are for religious (though students don’t have to be), and if I married an outsider that means automatically I’m not religious enough and the wife won’t get hired for obvious reasons, but screw them. Anyways, this is why we elected the secular parties and kicked the religious parties out. Now they should do something.


  18. The Iron Chemist Says:

    “shoving it in my face” = “existing?”


  19. Beaker Says:

    The cover of this week’s Parade magazine depicts a black man and a white woman having fun together, and they’re not even married! Expect a boycott of the Danbury Mint, the Stairlifter Chair, and all nail fungus cures.


  20. Eli Rabett Says:

    The ground breaking thing about the Cheerios ad was that the black dad failed the paper bag test and IEHO this is what set the Tiger Woods worshiping wingnuts off.


  21. Eli Rabett Says:

    He was also overweight


  22. […] a Cheerios ad featuring a biracial family (kudos Cheerios), the brand received an overwhelmingly racist backlash from the public. Can people really not fathom the idea of people from different races, cultures or ethnicities […]


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