Questions for cooks

January 2, 2013

Is there a wok in your kitchen?

Is it a proper wok or one of those flattened-bottom monstrosities?

What’s it made of?

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  1. Dr24hours Says:

    Yes. No. Dunno.


  2. Dr24hours Says:

    No- meaning not a flat bottomed garbage wok.


  3. namnezia Says:

    Yes, yes, steel.


  4. DrugMonkey Says:

    Doesn’t everyone’s Mommy send them off into the world with a proper, inexpensive, carbon steel round bottomed wok?


  5. Pinko Punko Says:

    Depends- round bottomed ones work like ass on electric stoves. We have a real one, it is steel, and we use it on the side-burner of a propane grill, which is probably good any way so the house doesn’t get stunk up, but less enjoyable when it is freezing on the porch.


  6. Dr Becca Says:

    I’m not sure what mine’s made of, but I’d guess carbon steel, and probably cost $11.99 at TJ Maxx. It has two handles so you can shake your stir fry all around! My mom did not teach me much about cooking–most of it I just picked up as I went along.


  7. AmasianV Says:

    Yo I might have spoken too soon. I own one of them flat-bottom joints. I wish I could say it’s because I have an electric range. Sad too, considering one of the burners on my crazy ass cast iron stove would accommodate a true wok quiet nicely. Turning my Asian card in in the morning.


  8. MineralPhys Says:

    thin-walled, high-carbon (I assume) steel. Round bottom. Heat first, then oil.


  9. dr_mho Says:

    beautiful cheap-ass ($25 at local chinese market) cast iron, round bottom, does amazing on our Viking gas range


  10. Crystal Voodoo Says:

    For some of us Mommy’s idea of stir fry is poking a hole in the plastic cover of the sweet and sour chicken lean cuisine and putting it the microwave.


  11. katiesci Says:

    Yes, I have a well-seasoned round bottom wok. I don’t know what it’s made of but I’m going to guess carbon steel. Got it from The Wok Shop on Amazon. I have an electric range though which is annoying but doesn’t stop me from making awesome Chinese and Thai food.


  12. Bashir Says:

    No wok. Don’t know if we have room for one in our tiny kitchen.


  13. Grumble Says:

    Does this count?


  14. Genomic Repairman Says:

    We have the cheapest flat bottom wok that you can get at IKEA but we are also working with an electric stove in an apartment too.


  15. KK PhD Says:

    Traditional round-bottom cast iron, with a wok ring, although we hardly ever use it. I had really good luck ordering from The Wok Shop in SF.


  16. Yes, Steel, round bottom, bought in Chinatown in mid-70’s, and in constant use since then.


  17. phagenista Says:

    Yes, round bottom, calphalon’s hard-anodized surface. It was a gift, I don’t love it, but it does the trick.


  18. Dsve X Says:

    Yes: a round-bottomed Christmas gift wok, made of machine hammered carbon steel.


  19. Comrade Physioprof Says:

    Fucke offe, cockewadde.


  20. idlemind Says:

    Round-bottomed steel with long wooden handle. Bought it 35 years ago for $12 at GemCo.


  21. Does Uncle Ben’s fry up better in a round bottomed wok?


  22. DrugMonkey Says:

    Is your Resolution to troll more?


  23. Meybeee? I certainly can’t run more until my crack heals.


  24. Scientistmother Says:

    Yes 2 actually round bottom. Got it from India


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