March 23, 2012

The NIH K22 mechanism has been around for some time. When I first discovered it I was amazed that the NIH had a genuine, Borroughs-Welcome style transition mech. This predated the K99/R00.

Trouble was, most (all?) ICs that used it were like NHLBI and reserve it for intramural postdocs.

What a crock.

15 Responses to “K22”

  1. Mandy Says:

    Not all ICs, NIAID allows the K22 to be used very similarly to the K99, just without the mentored phase. Should be used by more ICs, in my opinion.


  2. becca Says:

    That’s cause in NIAID fields, NIH intramural postdocs are competitive.


  3. To follow up on Becca’s comment, are you implying that NIH intramural postdocs are subpar? (reading it is sounds like the italic intramural is being said in a sneering tone, but maybe I’m not getting why you are stressing it.)


  4. physioprof Says:

    It’s certainly rational as an extramural investigator to favor shifting resources from intramural to extramural, but how is it a “crock” for an IC to have a particular program just for intramural purposes? Like I could see “fucke those incompetent lazy intramural douches”, but not “a crock”.


  5. Drugmonkey Says:

    They are certainly no *more* deserving JB.


  6. physioprof Says:

    Dude, quit trolling your own fucken blogge.


  7. drugmonkey Says:

    This is about democratic opportunity, PP. I meant what I said, they are not more (or less) deserving than extramural postdocs. It is a crock because I don’t see where NIH has justification for this discrimination.


  8. physioprof Says:

    Dude, everyfucken mechanism other than that *excludes* intramural. Get a fucken grippe, dilleweede.


  9. whimple Says:

    What discrimination? Just go do your next post-doc at NIH DM.


  10. gerty-z Says:

    gotta agree with pp here. As I recall, you can’t get an NRSA as intramural postdoc. I think you (maybe) can get a K99, but you can’t keep it as intramural staff – which is reasonable. Still, what is the advantage for institutes to do both K99 and K22?


  11. franklee Says:

    seconded – to the best of my knowledge the ONLY grant intramural postdocs can apply for is the K99, and (though I hear this kind of rumor-mongering secondhand) I’ve heard some grumbling of bias against intramural researchers in applying for the K99…


  12. pinus Says:

    I know that some institutes allowed individual NRSA ‘winners’ also apply for K22. the advent of the K99 made that less attractive.


  13. Drag Says:

    The successful rate of K22 for NIAID intramural applicants has been much lower than that of extramural applicants.


  14. DrLizzyMoore Says:

    Whoa, seriously late to this party.

    In NIAID, the K22 is open to both intramural and extramural researchers, but only US citizens. The K99 mech is open to *all* postdocs, US citizen or not.

    There was a big hullabaloo and belly aching when the NIAID opened the K22 to include extramural participants. And the belly aching was a ‘crock’. A significant advantage to being intramural is your daily research is not in jeopardy over lack of funding. You are allowed to settle and be productive and not have to compete with others for $$.

    When those of us (yes, I’m speaking as a former NIAID post-doc) head out into the ‘real world’, we have to worry about this shit, like where is my next grant coming from-how am I going to pay my people, how the fuckke am I going to buy supplies (once the magical unicorn of a start-up gets spent….). So, it is in our best interest to have our first allowable grant submission to be submitted along with everyone else’s.–that way you get feedback in how your fucking up your grant and how to fix (because as an intramural-you really don’t know any better), before you get thrown to the lions. My first K22 submission sucked monkeys. So I fixed it and sent it back and got a fundable score. Overall, it was a highly invaluable experience…..


  15. Sfarris721 Says:

    Totally missed the party– but came across this in my searching for K99 info. As an intramural NIH postdoc,I bet the reason K22s used to be intramural only is because intramural postdocs CANNOT apply for most NIH grants. Nowadays they can apply for K22 and K99. Not a lot of folks realize this when they take intramural positions (I for sure did not!)


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