July 18, 2011

First, congrats to the Swedish World Cup team for coming in third and, in particular, for beating the French.

Second, congrats on the K9 corps dog thing. I would have expected no less, but still. You got it done.

The main point of the day, however, is much better. Here in the US we call the type of overattentive, smothering parent that makes you hurl* a “helicopter” parent. They are always hovering over their child, you see, just waiting to rescue little Maria from calamity. Or obsessing over the wonderousness of their average, normal behavior or something.

I have been informed that the Swedish call their version of this “curling” parents. As in the sport of curling. Now those of you who are not Canucklanders or Swedes may not immediately recognize this sublime reference. You may recall a half glimpsed interlude on the teevee during the Winter Olympics. When the coverage switches off that riveting bobsledding and you decide you have time to hit the loo. Perhaps when you return you are momentarily graced with some idiots madly sweeping the ice in front of a lumbering bit of rounded granite. Rendering an unobstructed path yet even more polished and smooth so as to further ease passage of the object of their devotion.

That’s curling. And the folks who are madly sweeping an apparently smooth sheet of ice? Those would be your image of the “curling parents”.

Evocative, isn’t it?

*I keed, I keed. (Most of those I link-pickedon know via other online venues that I’m the worst sort of braggart about my awesome offspring….)

No Responses Yet to “Swedeland!”

  1. Miss MSE Says:

    In curling, it is also occasionally vital to simple let the stone ride. I think it is a rather better metaphor than helicopter parents.


  2. namnezia Says:

    Right, but helicopter parents would constantly be messing up your hair.


  3. Kristie Says:

    It is raining in Sweetland and my hair is getting curly.


  4. WhizBANG! Says:

    I like the image.
    I was amazed at college orientation last week at how many 18 year olds have never been responsible for getting themselves out of bed. My kids started doing that in junior high. My son decided about the same age to do his own laundry so he would have the right stuff clean when he needed it. If he has a load “on deck” and I have a similar load to do, I will still do it for him, but for the most part, he is taking care of himself. Oh, he will toss in my stuff as well.
    Other than the I-want-to-go-out/Is-your-homework-done exchanges, we have not had to push him to get his scholastic shit together either. I think our “it’s your thing, you gotta do it” attitude has been part of the success story, for both our kids (although my daughter would still bring her laundry home to me if she could, a perfectly rational response to dirty clothes IMHO).


  5. El Picador Says:

    so he would have the right stuff clean when he needed it.

    uh-huh. sure. That’s why…..


  6. becca Says:

    Michelle told Oprah that Malia and Sasha have gotten themselves ready for school since they started school. I’m beginning to wonder what our debt number would be if we’d gotten Michelle instead of Barack.

    And yes. I am happy to have the image of ‘curling parents’.


  7. drugmonkey Says:

    I’d be okay with Michelle taking a broom to certain CongressCritters, you betcha.


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