“Are we going to dissect anything?”

Thus query the 9th grade students in Mr. S.’s class at Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn.

My students are ninth graders from a high school in New York City. We are one of the few larger public high schools still functioning. Most of our students are coming from poorer school districts here. I try to give them memorable learning experiences in the science classroom and lab in order to keep their attendance up as well as turning them away from the idea that science is boring and impossible for them to master and enjoy.

A goal we share here in the science-related blogosphere, do we not Dear Reader? What would Mr. S. like to do?

I would like to provide my students with an opportunity to dissect frogs. Last year, the dissection lab was cut due to budget constraints. The most common question asked by students during our lab meetings is, “When are we going to dissect something?”


This is the amount needed to complete the funding of this project.

In Brooklyn. Where the hipsters throw down this kinda cash for a bit of cycling bling. Probably twice this amount.

Can you spare $5 or $10 to help out? $25? Every little bit counts. Take the chance to recruit a scientist…or just to help another kid realize that learning can be fun.

For this year’s DonorsChoose science blogging challenge Hewlett-Packard has committed matching funds up to $50,000. So every dollar you donate will be doubled.