What is this My RePORTER for anyway?

September 20, 2010

The NIH’s search engine for funded grants, RePORTER, has a new beta feature called “My RePORTER”. Apparently you can save your searches so that you can repeat them later.
Naturally I had to sign up. But I’m thinking over my usual ways of using RePORTER and wondering what the point is. Okay, I guess I might search “Physio-wimple nucleus” now and again and perhaps “Bunny Hopper” (albeit very rarely) and maybe “Namnezus pinqaz” ever so often…
But I’m not sure I need something to store my searches.
I guess my concern would be that this is set up primarily so that the usual Congress Critters can set up their triggers for all the research that they hate, you know, AIDS, sexuality, drug abuse…anything that sounds psychological and easily denigrated, in case they need something to say out on the stump to fire up their base.

2 Responses to “What is this My RePORTER for anyway?”

  1. Sort of on-topic query: I want to look up pre-1986 NIH-funded projects. How to I do that with RePORTER?
    Somehow, and stupidly, I didn’t notice the 25yr RePORTER limit until I ran up against it recently. On CRISP (fond memories) I could go back to 1972.


  2. bsci Says:

    Maybe a reporter wants to keep track of newly funded grants on topic X. Maybe a university press office. Maybe advocacy organizations. Maybe a PI has a big search of all past trainees.


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