w000t! CPDD joins the blogosphere!!!!!1111!!!!

September 8, 2010

I am delighted to report that the College on Problems of Drug Dependence has joined the science blogosphere. The CPDD Community Website is a new effort of the Media Relations Committee and intends to be:

a moderated Blog open to comment by CPDD members and invited contributors.

The email notification I received indicates that the comments and the blog will be open to the public so no worries, they are just planning to moderate* the content.
The initial offerings include:
A comment from the new editor of the College’s journal, Drug and Alcohol Dependence on changes to the journal.
A link-heavy update on the proposed NIDA-NIAAA merger.
A response to the McCain-Coburn attack on drug abuse research included in their mid-summer sneer at ARRA projects.
A general post on the politics of substance abuse research.
And what’s this? Little old us in the blogroll? Awwwww.
Well done, CPDD, well done.
[my CPDD related posts are here]
*I’ll work on ’em DearReader, don’t worry.
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Drug and Alcohol Dependence

2 Responses to “w000t! CPDD joins the blogosphere!!!!!1111!!!!”

  1. NIDA Post-doc Says:

    Received this in the guv’mint email today:
    The SMRB voted today, 12 to 3, to recommend to Dr. Collins a structural reorganization that would dissolve NIDA and NIAAA, and create a new institute with a focus on addiction. Dr. Collins will have 100 days to either accept or reject this recommendation. At this point we do not know exactly what will happen after Dr. Collins makes his decision, though we expect to be briefed on that by building one in the interim


  2. DrugMonkey Says:

    Well that certainly is interesting. I’m betting Collins goes for it. Now we’ll see if various interested industries on the alcohol side can get Congress to interfere. The motivations will be avoiding calling alcohol a drug on the brewer/vintner/distiller side. Might be some alcoholism care industry coming at it too.
    Let the speculation over who could head the beast, and what it will look like commence.
    (and naturally the scientists who get funding from both nida and niaaa can start fretting in earnest!)


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