Science Networking:

June 23, 2008

One of my agents passed along the link to BiomedExperts, the latest tool to geek away endless hours obsessing about your publications. Or, more precisely your cloud of scientific collaborators (and their collaborators….) linked through your co-authored publications.

Obviously the serious geekery part is starting with your own cloud of connections and seeing what it can tell you. But the database allows a little more broad-based research which is where it comes in handy as a networking tool, among other things.
Since a picture is worth 1K words, I’ll take the example of the recently departed Billy R. Martin (click for the legible size picture):

Here I’ve used the feature whereby you can mouse-over a co-author on the list to the right and the java app will highlight just that individual (Patrick Beardsley in this case) and her/his connections within the originally searched author’s cloud.
There are also a number of other interesting features including searching by topic area and world-wide geographical region displays of collaboration. I’ve just looked it over quickly so I’m sure there are other features of interest here.

No Responses Yet to “Science Networking:”

  1. juniorprof Says:

    And no matter what you do Di Marzo always appears as the center of the universe.


  2. drdrA Says:

    Funny, I was googling my own name and discovered myself on biomedexperts a couple of days ago. Never heard of it before…Who knew I was an expert at anything???


  3. Bob Well Says:

    Yes, my friend told me BME and website, which are very good for research collaboration.


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