Lovin’ Science

October 4, 2007

Now this is one reason why science blogging is cool. Check that, this is why being a scientist is cool. I don’t care what your discipline, if you don’t get a little excited just reading about this discovery there is something wrong with you…

2 Responses to “Lovin’ Science”

  1. Martin R Says:

    I’m really glad someone finally showed up who understands what the find is about!


  2. drugmonkey Says:

    I didn’t understand this comment until I saw Martin’s followup post showing that he’s put out by the typical Internet response to his find.

    This, I don’t get. All publicity is good publicity, eh? So what if some chumps think he’s just some old guy wearing waders and a hat with ear flaps wandering around the beach with a WalMart metal detector? Who cares? It’ll bring in some interest for his scientific field, for his work in particular, for Swedish history, etc. Heck, maybe it’ll even result in some increased public or philanthropic support for archeology. Where’s the downside here?


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