BikeMonkey GuestPost
Some of you are probably unaware, since the DM claims the traffic has exploded over here at Sb, but I used to coblog with these two clowns over at WordPress. I did not, however, assimilate. Don’t ask. Okay, there was that one post, sue me. Anyway, sending DM some funee pictures got me lured back into their shenanigans. Sortof. Okay, I accepted a guest login account and learned how to copy some text out of the clearly superior WordPress backend jobber and paste it into this MT editor. I promise nothing. (Although, cycling season is upon us and I am eagerly awaiting, as no doubt are you, this season’s new and exciting ways to cheat with pharmacology.)
Until we get to that, on with the funee pictures…
So I was just walking along, minding my own business when I happened to look up. Oh my….

I thought I’d better investigate further…The sign in the window makes a bunch of claims about holistic consideration of all the drug you are taking. Sounds good. Drug interactions are the suxxors. Inside I went….

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