A recent post up at the Frontal Cortex points approvingly to a study of strollers, prams, toddlers and parental conversation. Jonah Lehrer concludes:

It would be nice to see this research filter down to stroller manufacturers, so that even cheap plastic strollers allow the infant to interact with the parent.

Very interesting. Must be strong evidence, no? And after all, we all want our little wackaballoons to be as smart and advanced as possible, do we not?

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Blog Bid'ness: Daddio

December 3, 2008

Three recent new additions to the blog-o-science-sphere Tribe’s miniTribes.
Ewan of brain glucose announced the arrival of his second son (lots of pictures are up).
After a Thanksgiving Day false alarm, Nat Blair of Junction Potential welcomed the arrival of his new daughter.
Go leave a note for their wives, will ya?
Occasional commenter microfool also recently welcomed the arrival of a new mini-microfool. No blog so you might as well give microfool a shout-out here.
Great News all of you!

The good Dr. Isis has posted her concern that recent developmental advances exhibited by Little Isis will permanently ruin Dr. Isis’ sleep.

Little Isis is no longer contained by the four walls of his crib and Dr. Isis awoke to find his eyes but millimeters from hers… I now have images of Little Isis waking in the middle of the night and deciding to cook himself something, or have a beer, or put the dog in the toilet…This is horrible. Dr. Isis does not sleep well as it is. Now she may never sleep again.

Behavioral science has a solution.

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