I mean really. You just can’t make this up.

The goals of this forum do not include supporting to harassment of the unfunded by the funded. If you have received funding, or if you don’t see any problems with NSF’s current practices, I honestly offer you my congratulations. Please feel free to leave constructive comments and observations that lay out your views.
But I’ve seen too many internet forums taken over by smug minorities to allow that to happen to this one.
All posts of a judgemental or mocking nature will be deleted as soon as I see them.

I don’t know why I am so fascinated by this guy’s quixotic campaign of complaint about how the NSF is broken because s/he hasn’t yet managed to get funded.
I suppose it is because we have the exact same phenotype of person complaining about the NIH. I guess I feel like hearing the perceptions (accurate or not) that are out there helps me to craft my message to the faculty I run across that are outraged about the NIH.
I always wonder in a case like this just how hard the person is working to get funded. It is one of the things we don’t talk about much. How many apps have you put in to get X number of grants.. me, I’d have to go to Commons. I can’t possibly remember. It isn’t like I could do more than ballpark it if some junior faculty member asked me.
Update: Thoughts from Odyssey at Pondering Blather on targeting your application to specific reviewers motivated by commentary at the “NSF is broken” forum.

Prof-like Substance has found a new forum:

Funding for science is tight right now. No one knows that more than I and the stack of rejected grant proposals I have on my desk. For a lot of people the shifting climate sucks and for new people it can be be painful to get one’s foot in the door. But, is this in itself proof positive that The System is broken? Aureliano Buendia* thinks so.
This morning I was sent a link to a new forum for discussing the “problems” with NSF and what can be done to fix it. Specifically, the creator of the forum states its purpose as discussing “What problems have you had with NSF? What creative solutions have you come up with to these problems? The forum is designed to address such issues. Let’s bring out our best ideas, and hope that NSF pays attention.”

Head over to Prof-like’s place for the link to the (currently) open forum of NSF whingery.