Program Note

May 26, 2022

I’ve just tried to import most of the content from the Scientopia version of Drugmonkey into this, my original blog host/site. I’d done some importing after ScienceBlogs cashiered me and maybe once after we started Scientopia. But it looked like nothing had been added since 2014. So I addressed that.

Blogs are dead. Yes. As some of you may have noticed we were having trouble with the Scientopia install over the past several years, what with it periodically leading to browser blocks and security warnings. This was in the wake of a change of hosts that included messing up the appearance with ads and and some formatting changes that I was unable to rapidly fix. It has been a labor of love for some Scientopians behind the scenes but in essence, nobody is really taking care of it. We have no $ for hosting, the nascent attempts at ads never really generated enough to cover the bills. As you may know I have steadfastedly resisted being anything other than content, particularly when there were some who wanted to be involved but weren’t really blogging much and my content was driving most of the traffic.

I have decided it is time to import my blather back to to facilitate my linking to old posts on the twitter and to stave off the inevitable, when Scientopia goes dark and the domain is bought by some spam farm.

I expect that if I do blog now and again it will be here on the old site.

ashes to ashes and dust to dust.