End of Year Funds in 2020

October 1, 2020

As you know, the end of the Federal fiscal year can be a fun time for hopeful NIH grant applicants. This is when your favorite ICs are counting up the beans and making sure they use all of their appropriated money.

This means that they often pick up some grants with scores that otherwise looked like they were not going to fund.

This is great if you are one of the lucky ones. I have had 9/30 grant starts in the past. It feels awesome.

This year however….this year.

I am thinking about the Hoppe finding and the original Ginther report. I am thinking as always about the NIH’s complete and utter failure to address this issue. And I am hopeful. Always. That IC Directors will take it upon themselves to follow the advice I had right from the start.

Just FIX this. It won’t take much. Just a few extra grant pickups that happen to have Black PIs. End of year is a great time to slip one or three or five into the portfolio. Nobody can complain about these decisions.

So… pull up RePORTER. Click the start date of 9/15/2020, enter the two letter code for your favorite ICs and start searching.

See any of your Black colleagues getting grants?