Our good blog friend @McLNeuro is running a Donor’s Choose fundraising drive for March Madness. The idea is that you donate $10 or more to a Donor’s Choose project and then register a bracket under Darwin’s Balls (use that link) at CBS Sports.

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of the Donor’s Choose charity. My Readers have generously funded many, many projects in classrooms all across the nation in response to my occasional pleas.

Online drives can work collaboratively with a blog host picking a few interesting projects to fund, that way we online science folks can take credit for pushing them to funding. So keep checking with the EdgeForScholars page if you want to go that direction.

But if the ones on that page don’t grab your attention, just click on the main Donor’s Choose page and find something that tickles your fancy. There are ways to screen projects by location (if you want to help your town, or home town), topic domain (sports? Science? Literacy? …..food*)

*Oh glory. Teachers have to beg for food to keep hungry kids on task now. I just can’t even, America. We are supposed to be better than this.