January 31, 2017

It is sort of interesting that just as my decade blogging as DrugMonkey is expiring, all this political jazz erupts.

20 Responses to “10”

  1. Nat Says:

    are you no longer gonna blog as DM then? Or is that “my first decade”?


  2. Nat Says:

    are you no longer gonna blog as DM then? Or is that “my first decade”?


  3. genomicrepairman Says:

    What a decade. Thank you for the content and discussions that you have produced.


  4. qaz Says:

    Ten more years! Ten more years! 🙂

    Damn, has it really be ten years? Seriously, though – thank you for all your work and for being the go-to- forum that we all participate in. It has been invaluable to me and I know to many others.


  5. Insect Biologist Says:

    Ditto qaz! Ten more years! This blog has been so valuable to me for many reasons. I’m sure I’m just one of many lurkers who feel this way. Thank you!


  6. jmz4 Says:

    You leaving us to go run for Congress like Eisen?


  7. sopscientist Says:

    Thank you for your blogs! I swear I wouldn’t have NIH funding without you!


  8. Odyssey Says:

    Happy 10th anniversary!!!! And thanks for it all.


  9. Violet Says:

    Delurking to says thanks and I hope you will continue for at least another decade. Like Qaz and Insect Biologist, I have learned a lot from from you.


  10. MMI Says:

    Thanks DM. Found your blog this summer and read through all the archives over the past 6 months until I got fully caught up today. Maybe I’ll make an interesting case study in another 10 years.


  11. Pass-through entity Says:

    Long-time lurker saying THANK YOU for all of your great insight and info. I’m looking forward to the next 10 years, too!

    Thanks again!


  12. Emaderton3 Says:

    Writedit directed me to your blog many years ago. Been a big fan ever since!


  13. Yizmo Gizmo Says:

    My favorite DM article was on Francis Collins and Sally Rockey.
    I think they fired the blowhard (SR) after that big lie they propagated about plenty of jobs for PhDs, once public outcry reached critical mass.
    No wait, “It is with truly mixed emotions that I announce the departure…” WTF


  14. Zuska Says:

    Congrats on a decade of a truly wonderful blog.
    But the wording of your post is a bit ominous – “expiring”?


  15. physioprof Says:

    Never stop trolling, holmes.


  16. Philapodia Says:

    Did you ever know that you’re my hero,
    And everything I would like to be?
    I can fly higher than an eagle,
    For you are the wind beneath my wings.


  17. DMfan Says:

    DM is probably feeling like sad. Most (if not all) the stuff he believes in, Trump will demolish–NIH included. To make matters worse, Trump was democratically elected, so in a way it’s society at large that rejects DM’s ideas, notions, and beliefs.

    I remember years ago, we had some Tea Party trolls that warned us about the future. We laughed at them and called them names, but they were right! Don’t believe me? Think I’m exaggerating? Trump is our president. That says it all.


  18. Bagger Vance Says:

    DMfan, you have a good point. The Tea Party was a pretty naive bunch of upset but basically nice people who got called Nazis, marginalized, soaked for donations and hijacked. (In fact my name is a legacy of my sympathy for them once upon a time).

    Lessons learned. Now the cool kids are in the Alt-Right and unlikely to make the same mistakes.

    This is the future you chose.



  19. A Salty Scientist Says:

    Gloating about the rise of white nationalism says a lot about you Bagger.


  20. jmz4 Says:

    @Bagger Vance
    It is a weakness of liberals that we always feel responsible for the poor choices of others, but that doesn’t mean we’re right. If you respond to mockery by becoming a Nazi shittehead, you’re a bad person, and it’s not the mockers’ fault.

    Here’s hoping the coming wave of unambiguous awful will let the left stop bickering about semantics and find their stones for another generation.


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