Cannabidiol is still Schedule I, where it has been for some time

December 31, 2016

The DEA has created a new drug
Code for cannabis extracts, leading to some feather fluffing in the advocacy press.

The Federal Register notice explaining this is pretty clear so I’m not seeing where the alleged confusion lies.

The part responding to prior comment makes the situation with cannabidiol (CBD) very explicit.

One comment requested clarification of whether the new drug code will be applicable to cannabidiol (CBD), if it is not combined with cannabinols.

DEA response: For practical purposes, all extracts that contain CBD will also contain at least small amounts of other cannabinoids.1 However, if it were possible to produce from the cannabis plant an extract that contained only CBD and no other cannabinoids, such an extract would fall within the new drug code 7350. In view of this comment, the regulatory text accompanying new drug code 7350 has been modified slightly to make clear that it includes cannabis extracts that contain only one cannabinoid.

CBD has been on the Schedule for quite some time as far as I know. It is listed specifically on the application for a researcher license. You won’t be able to buy it from a legitimate scientific reagent company such as Sigma without a DEA license. Very hard to miss.

I am aware of some very dodgy stuff going on with CBD for the quack supplement industry. From what I can tell, some of these companies are importing pure CBD under cover of “industrial hemp”. Hemp is defined by lack of delta9-THC content, of course. Making “hemp” that contains high levels of the clearly Scheduled CBD a very gray area. It will be interesting to see if part of the outcome of this new extracts code will be invigorated prosecution of these CBD supplement companies.

4 Responses to “Cannabidiol is still Schedule I, where it has been for some time”

  1. Yizmo Gizmo Says:

    Incredible how difficult, expensive and time-consuming is is to wiggle out of the marijuana mess created by deranged bureaucrat Harry Anslinger and 70 years of Drug War.


  2. drugmonkey Says:

    “There are hundreds of CBD products on the marketplace and the DEA believes every sale is an illegal one.”


  3. Says:

    CBD is perfectly legal as long as it is derived from hemp plants that naturally have less them .03% THC content. If it is derived from marijuana plants, then yes, it is illegal in most states.


  4. drugmonkey Says:

    You are entirely wrong. Check the DEA site for the list of Schedule I compounds to verify.

    Also read this:


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