Commercial airlines now refusing to transport lab mice

November 28, 2016

Via ScienceMag:

Twenty-nine transgenic mice that two Spanish airlines had refused to transport hitched a ride to the Canary Islands on a military plane Friday and are now at their final destination

Y’all looked away when they stopped shipping purpose bred non-human primate laboratory subjects. “Oh please”, you thought, “there is no way anyone gives a care about genetic mouse models”.

Guess what? You were wrong and Niemöller’s principle rules the day.

14 Responses to “Commercial airlines now refusing to transport lab mice”

  1. potnia theron Says:

    Thank you for reminding me of Niemoller. He deserves the recognition.


  2. sel Says:

    Funny you should mention Niemoller. Because, first they came for the liberal professors…by inviting their students to put them on a watchlist.


  3. drugmonkey Says:

    Potnia- Niemöller was okay with national socialism until they tried to nationalize his church. He wasn’t kidding about the “I said nothing” part.


  4. Jonathan Badger Says:

    I’m not particularly a fan of invoking Niemoller and/or Hitler as cheap argument ploys. Especially when we may be soon experience a regime that may literally be coming for people rather than slightly inconveniencing research.


  5. SidVic Says:

    The ole slippery slope chestnut. Give an inch they take… etc. In all seriousness these luddites must be fought vigorously at every turn. Anybody tried to send as virus reagent lately? It is painful.


  6. drugmonkey Says:

    Is this intentional irony JB?


  7. Jonathan Badger Says:

    No. I never liked how lightly “fascist” was pulled out as an insult for political opponents (no, Ronnie Reagan wasn’t a “fascist”, whatever his faults were), but it’s not really alarmism when you have people in an incoming administration who openly say they they didn’t want their children to go to school with Jews and that Asian students and that tech CEOs need to be deported to preserve “civil society”. Fascism is exactly what is being suggested, no ironical exaggeration needed.


  8. potnia theron Says:

    recognition for the quote, that’s all I meant. Yes, he wasn’t exactly poster material.


  9. drugmonkey Says:

    Ok dude. Your fears about a situation are appropriate for Godwinning the thread but anyone else referring to Niemoller’s evocative reminder of what happens when we are only concerned about ourselves is outrageously overblown rhetoric. Got it.

    Oh btw, airlines have stopped transporting research subjects but the Trumpistas haven’t come for a single person as a state act.


  10. drugmonkey Says:

    I do give the Pastor credit for summing it up so clearly and taking responsibility for standing by. Like I said, he appears to have really meant it when he said “I”.


  11. becca Says:

    “As a state act”…. well Mike Pence did jail a woman who had a miscarriage, but that doesn’t matter because… reasons.


  12. Bagger Vance Says:

    Mike Pence is the State of Indiana, which for some insane reason has laws against allowing infants to die by neglect. Because infanticide is totally not at odds with American culture, especially if its sex-selective.



  13. bacillus Says:

    Perhaps we could muster scientific societies to boycott airlines that refuse to transport vital scientific reagents? I doubt it took too many voices from the other side to instigate the ban on airlifting mice.


  14. Ola Says:

    According to this article (linked to from the Science article above, British Airways also does not transport ANY research animals.

    This article from 2014 ( cites a BA rep’ stating their policy has been in place for over 12 years. BA and Iberia merged a few years ago, so unfortunately this would seem to be just unifying corporate policy across their brands.

    The British animal rights army are their own special kind of demented. As Auntie BBC reports here ( the topic of transport has been a problem in the UK for quite some time.


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