Nice going folks! The first day saw the full funding of the projects of Mrs. Lucero and Mrs. Dillon. Good progress on the Literacy project of Ms. Gover [Update: Fully funded!] as well.

In the event that one fully funds, I have a few more for your consideration.

Arizona [Update: Fully funded!]: Mrs. Rogers seeks chromebooks for her classroom.

My Native American students are unique, visual, and intuitive. They perform better to culturally responsive teaching and they love to work in cooperative teams. Technology has opened a window for them to explore and go beyond the boundaries of their beautiful landscape at the reservation.

Just recently I learned about Chromebooks and Google Classroom. We were very fortunate to qualify for a free Google Classroom school-wide account. I’ve been teaching my students about the “cloud” and how I can post assignments and they can submit them without printing them and waste so much paper.

Do I even need to mention that my kids’ classrooms have had tablets and laptops for many years now? And we aren’t even in a fabulously well-to-do school district. Let’s help this highest poverty classroom keep pace. This project is matched by a Best Buy initiative so your donation is doubled.

The classroom of Mrs. Van Doorp seeks help for purchasing Hokki stools to keep kids on task.

My students are bursting with energy and have a strong desire to grow and learn. The majority of my students are Native American and due to the low, socioeconomic area we live in, 100 percent of my students receive free breakfast and lunch at school.

Sitting can be hard! So during our instructional day, I try to keep my students moving as much as possible. They rotate through centers during our reading block. During math, they are fluidly moving around the room to complete different tasks and fluency games. My students also have flexible seating options during other parts of our day.

A small donation from you will help make this a reality for these highest poverty elementary students.

South Dakota [Update 10/11: Fully funded! thanks to the person who has been the stalwart behind science blog drives since forever, Thanks Janet!]: My kids have had assignments from Scholastic News all throughout elementary school. Ms. Dunn would like to use these resources in her highest poverty classroom as well.

My students come to school eager to learn. I teach at a Title I school on a reservation. We educate students grades K-6. Our goal is to help our students become life long learners. Because our students live on a reservation, they have very little opportunity to explore the world beyond where they live. They enjoy visiting new places through their readings. Scholastic News helps bring current events to our classroom and allows them to relate to other children their age from around the world.