First and second class postdocs

August 17, 2016

Potnia has some thoughts on how not to manage trainees in your lab if they have different compensation levels.

This may be important come December if your University decides to create a time-clock 40 h per week category of postdoc. Dealing with the new overtime rules may induce some Universities to try to make that work.

Potnia points out that effective management will be needed for the different classes of trainees at the same nominal level.

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2 Responses to “First and second class postdocs”

  1. Ola Says:

    Thankfully our admin just decided all postdocs will earn above the 47k threshold, no exceptions. This is sort of in line with their previous rule that all post-docs will be paid at a level no less than 90% of the prevailing NRSA stipend for years served. They also moved, several years ago, to eliminate the problem of people losing out on benefits when they won a fellowship – they united the pay codes so that post-doc employees vs. fellows are all the same, same benefits, everything.

    If things are different at your institution, the real question is who are the skinflint PIs lobbying the administration for a 2 tier system? Why has the local PDA (if one exists) not been effective at ending such practices?


  2. drugmonkey Says:

    I’m going to close comments so that you’ll take it over to Potnia’s blog post folks.


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