Higher education in the US weaves, for many students, a fantastical dream. 

You can do what you want and people will pay you for it!

Any intellectual pursuit that interests your young brain will end up as a paying career! 

This explains why there are so many English majors who can’t get jobs upon graduation. I know, an easy target. Also see Comm majors. 

But we academic scientists are the absolute worst at this. 
It results in a pool of postdoc scientist PhDs who are morally outraged to find out the world doesn’t actually work that way. 

Yes. High JIF pubs and copious grant funding are viewed as more important than excellent teaching reviews and six-sigma chili peppers or wtfever.
In another context, yeah, maybe translational research is a tiny bit easier to fund than your obsession with esoteric basic research questions. 

Thought of the Day

June 8, 2016

Hillary (H-Rod, as Isis the Scientist puts it) gave one heck of a General election speech last night.

She is going to mop the floor with Trump all through the coming campaign.

This will be a bigger landslide win than Reagan’s. 

I was just thinking the coming 9 mo should reveal a steady trickle of one to two Figure stabs at sex-differences comparisons.

I’m predicting that some of the people who generated their first studies as Preliminary Data to head off SABV grant critique are going to publish.

Yes, even if results were negative. They’ll need this for the next round to excuse the failure to include the female animals in the next proposals.