Ridiculous shit I actually say

April 15, 2016

HAHAHHHA. I am so full of myself  today 
I actually said this 

It’s like cult rescue though. You don’t try to rehab the head, you try to get the innocents out b4 the FlavorAde is poured

(Yes, it was a discussion of Glamour culture of science. As if you couldn’t guess.)

5 Responses to “Ridiculous shit I actually say”

  1. But it’s so colorful and delicious..!!


  2. Pascale Says:

    What are the career consequences of leaving this cult?


  3. Dude, I have so many examples of ridiculous shitte you say in my email archives.


  4. drugmonkey Says:

    Don’t be jealous this wasn’t one of them PP.


  5. dr24 Says:

    Self-awareness is the key to change. You made a step forward today. I’m proud.


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