Thought of the Day

April 3, 2016

It’s not ideal for your summary statement to show up whilst at a meeting attended by many of the people on the review panel.

BSD moves to emulate

April 3, 2016

Bryan Roth, of Salvanorin A and DREADD fame, was honored by ASPET with the Goodman and Gilman award at EB. In his award lecture he gave a great summary of his work to date, which is all very cool. 

But one thing he did was to emphasize how a master’s degreed tech in his lab made one of the major discoveries,  that she refused to take first author and that is the only reason she wasn’t listed first. 

That is the kind of thing people who are in the Coalition of the Decent do. 

Good to find scientific hero types remembering to credit where due. 

Other Reading: You are not “just” a tech

Today was a looooong travel day for YHN but I’m finally in San Diego and ready for an excellent time at Experimental Biology. Hoping to catch up at least briefly with a number of y’all blog Readers and the SciTweeple.

As always, if you would like to mention your presentation details in the comments or via the blog email, feel free. (I might even see a Twitter DM or two if you choose to go that route. ) I try to swing by when I can and some of the commentariat might like to see your stuff as well.