Jared Fogle, convicted of sex crimes involving minors, was assaulted and battered severely in prison.

Jens Foell had some observations on Twitter.

Absolutely. There is a certain segment that cheers when a little extra prison justice is meted out. I have myself been, occasionally, guilty of being a little too facile with references to prison rape (of the “don’t drop the soap” variety) and, no doubt, the extra justification we seem to hold for beat downs (or killings) of people convicted of certain crimes, like child sexual offenses or serial murder.

It needs to stop. We shouldn’t respond to the news of the day about Jared Fogle or even the Aurora shooter, being attacked in prison with a little frisson of pleasure. It isn’t a system of law if it permits prisoners to attack each other. The idea that there is a cottage industry of consultants to prepare you for not getting seriously harmed in prison should horrify us.

I bother to say this because some twitter wag was really offended


that this should come up solely in the case of Jared Fogle.

It’s a convenient excuse but prison violence happens all the time and it should not be tolerated.

No matter the crime.

How would you like to be the first person Obama nominates for the open Supreme Court seat?

And you have to go through the dog and pony show with no chance of being confirmed?

Sitting through fake interview after fake interview with Republican Senators?

Whoever volunteered for that has my respect. Service to a nation undeserving.