Rescue: A Blog Meme

March 9, 2016

Back when science blogging was still vibrant, bloggers would launch a challenge query and tag some other folks to answer. I’m tagging dr24hrs, Gerty-Z, docbecca and iBAM on this one.

(I just saw something like this on Fb or somewhere, btw. I didn’t invent it.)

The question is, from the teevee (or movies) you’ve been watching recently, name the top five characters you’d want coming to rescue you from a bad situation. 

Mine are:

1. Tyrion Lannister

2.DCI John Luther

3. Jessica Jones

4. Varys the Spider

5. Sergeant Antigone Bezzerides

Yours? Feel free to answer on your blog if you have one, and drop a link. If not, use the comments. 

55 Responses to “Rescue: A Blog Meme”

  1. […] when people used blogs instead of twitter to exchange ideas. Without emojis too, can you imagine?! He started a meme with the question: which top five movie or TV characters should come rescue you from a bad […]


  2. Ola Says:

    What is this “tee vee” thing you speak of?

    SRSLY never heard of any of those characters. I think the last thing I watched with any kind of consistency was breaking bad, and I’ll probably get around to the new season of house of cards some time this month. I just don’t know where y’all get the time to watch so much.


  3. […] friendly-nemesis (or whatever) Drugmonkey challenged me, among others, to name the five characters I’d most want to come to my rescue […]


  4. dr24hours Says:

    Here’s mine. I didn’t notice Luther on your list before putting him on mine. But I still would have even if I had.


  5. Grumble Says:

    You have time to watch TV? Please tell us your secret.


  6. potnia theron Says:

    not me? I’m miffed.


  7. […] Drugmonkey has thrown down a challenge. So even if he doesn't care about my answer, her goes. […]


  8. drugmonkey Says:

    My secret? I’m prepared to fail. Not going to supplant my life with the chase of another paper folks. Knock off the faux-Kern crap.


  9. drugmonkey Says:

    Potnia- anyone reading can consider themselves also tagged, get to it!


  10. drugmonkey Says:

    We’ll chalk that up to “a successful replication”, dr24hrs.


  11. Jessica Tollkuhn Says:

    yeah, uh, I don’t think I’ve watched TV since I’ve started this job. Maybe I should quit Twitter too.


  12. pyrope Says:

    Idris Elba can go ahead and rescue me from my office as any character of his choice.


  13. drugmonkey Says:

    JT- it gets better.


  14. drugmonkey Says:

    pyrope- ah, yes, well that would be a slightly different list…..


  15. […] to blog about academia with any kind of real fervor. However, Drugmonkey tagged me in this "who would you like to rescue you?" meme thingie, so I suppose I can muster up five names (the one thing I do have mental bandwidth […]


  16. drugmonkey Says:

    Hmmm. I have just noticed only one of my 5 is…..stable.


  17. B. Kiddo Says:

    I have to include books.

    I think I might take Brienne over Tyrion, but it’s a hard call. She’d depicted as brute force and him as all cleverness, but I think she’s pretty clever, too.


    7 of nine (not that I’ve watched that recently)

    the Biologist (book not TeeVee)

    Emiko (again, book, to round off the all women rescuing team)


  18. Dave Says:

    My secret? I’m prepared to fail. Not going to supplant my life with the chase of another paper folks. Knock off the faux-Kern crap.

    You just don’t have the passion


  19. Grumble Says:

    I spend a lot of time with my family. That is why I don’t have time for TV. Not (just) because I spend a lot of time working.


  20. drugmonkey Says:

    My kids are asleep when I’m watching teevee shows.


  21. Philapodia Says:

    1) Minnie Mouse

    2) Supergirl

    3) Olivia Pope

    4) The Flash

    5) Walter White

    I admit it, I’m not very cultured and like stuff that normal ‘Muricans do.

    Except Nascar, that shitte is boring.


  22. Mikka Says:

    1. Hank Schrader

    2. Hank Schrader

    3. Hank Schrader

    4. Mike Ehrmantraut

    5. Hank Schrader


  23. Emaderton3 Says:

    @ DM

    Even if the little ones are asleep, I have to watch my wife’s tv shows then! I have no idea who many of the people are that all of you have mentioned. Off the top of my head, I would have to say:

    1) Robert Irvine
    2) Gordon Ramsay
    3) Meredith Grey
    4) Elsa/Daniel Tiger/Doc McStuffins

    A happy life is a happy wife . . . (and she is the breadwinner too lol)


  24. Philapodia Says:


    I feel your pain. I’m right there with you.


  25. Dave Says:

    Yeh me too. I have to watch The Bachelor, Real Housewives of [insert city], Top Chef etc.


  26. drugmonkey Says:

    People like Hank? Srsly? Ehrmantraut, definitely.


  27. womabt Says:



  28. dr24hours Says:

    Where is John McClane?


  29. Mikka Says:

    Hank is badass, did you see what he did to the Salamanca cousins?


  30. Former Technician Says:

    I chose a mixture of TV and books because audiobooks fill my commute.

    Gin Blanco (The Spider)
    Harry Dresden
    Olivia Pope for those “special” situations
    Gil Grissom
    Leroy Jethro Gibbs

    And for a little reality … Seal Team Six


  31. banditokat Says:

    1. Claire Underwood – House of Cards
    2. Snake Plissken – don’t be a fuckken idiot, if you don’t know this, you don’t deserve rescue
    3. Daryl Dixon – Walking Dead
    4. Any Sarah Connor after Terminator 1
    5. Lisbeth Salander – Girl with the Dragon Tatoo


  32. drugmonkey Says:

    I was gonna tag you, BanditoKattie but..since you don’t blog and all….


  33. CousinAmygdala Says:

    1) Snake Plissken (Escape from New York)
    2) MacGuyver
    3) Leon (The Professional)
    4) Ripley (Alien)
    5) Tommy Gavin (Rescue Me)


  34. drugmonkey Says:

    Yeah, CA. I think we can take a moment for the baddest badass action hero of cinema ever.


  35. drugmonkey Says:

    Before there was Imperator Furiosa….there was Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley


  36. CousinAmygdala Says:

    Real heroes use flame throwers!


  37. Emaderton3 Says:

    Thankfully, I know John McClane and Ellen Ripley!

    If you keep references pre-children (6 years ago), I have a shot!


  38. dr24hours Says:

    I say we take off, nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.


  39. drugmonkey Says:

    If you keep references pre-children (6 years ago), I have a shot!

    I have this feeling that I missed all the movies, and most of the teevee, for just over a decade following the arrival of our first child.


  40. […] DM has continued a meme – who do you want to rescue you? […]


  41. Philapodia Says:

    “I have this feeling that I missed all the movies, and most of the teevee, for just over a decade following the arrival of our first child.”

    I haven’t watched a non-Disney Princess movie for months. I guess I should just “let it go”.

    ***Sobs quietly in the corner***


  42. banditokat Says:

    I likely should have added a lawyer. Those fuckkers will make you want to chop your own head off.


  43. banditokat Says:

    Who do I have to piss off to get a blog, Ted? I hear CPPs blog is a dust bowl these days. Maybe I’ll grab that one up.


  44. forensictoxguy Says:

    Current TV Shows

    1. The Flash
    2. Rumplestiltskin
    3. Olivia Pope
    4. Raymond Reddington
    5. Green Arrow


  45. Jonathan Badger Says:

    Hank? He was so easily dispatched by the only guy who went to grad school (not that ended up okay in the end). He couldn’t even help himself. I nominate Rick Sanchez (Rick & Marty if you don’t get the reference). He’s one of us. My only fear would be cynical as he is, presumably he’d only rescue me if I could help him in some not entirely ethical scheme.


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  47. […] 24hours (@Dr24hours who was nominated by Drugmonkey ) challenged me, among others, to name the five characters I’d most want to come to my rescue in […]


  48. […] back to blogging and now an old fashioned blog challenge! Our friend Drug Monkey has asked us to list five characters from recent-ish fiction that we would like to be rescued by from a bad situation. […]


  49. […] didn't tag me in his meme challenge but fucke it, why not? Here's my list of characters to get me out of a […]


  50. […] Drugmonkey went old-school with a blog meme recently. […]


  51. Hairdo skeptic Says:

    I think Weaver wasn’t really bald in that photoshoot. Her head looks bigger, “swolen”, in comparison with other pictures with her in such short buzzcut.


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