What a country

February 14, 2016

A Supreme Court Justice has passed away. The Pesident has promised to nominate a replacement, per his Constitutional obligation. The Republican controlled Senate is insisting it will not confirm any nominee he proposes, in violation of their Constitutional and traditional role (advise and consent, not “nominate who we want”). The Republicans are also in violation of their own protestations about the President getting his way with such matters and how at the very least an “up or down vote” is required, back when George W. Bush was the President.

What a country.

Obama will now proceed to nominate the most moderate candidate that he can live with so that Dems can bash Repubs for obstruction. Supreme Court politics will be used all up and down the ticket for November.

Repubs will say that this failure for a sitting President to nominate a Justice completely antithetical to the will of the people who voted for him twice is some sort of horrible crime.

What a country.