Keen Political Insight

September 16, 2015

10 Responses to “Keen Political Insight”

  1. NeuroAlex Says:

    Riiight. And the base democrat voters are a paragon of refined consideration.



  2. Eli Rabett Says:

    In comparison.


  3. Busy Says:

    @NeuroAlex: They indeed are. The GOP went through a purge in which they kicked out anybody with a brain using the RINO label. This is a purge along the lines that communist parties under the Moscow aegis used to have and for the exact same reason: thinking people are harder to control.

    I mean, they purged axis-of-evil dubya-speech writer David Frum, for x-sakes.

    No wonder that only dregs are left in the GOP.

    I used to have a lot of respect for GOP minds. I generally didn’t agree, but they were deft thinkers and political operators. The turn to inanity started during the Reagan era, intensified in post-contract with America Gingrich-lead GOP and its currently at its apex after the RINO purges.


  4. NeuroAlex Says:

    MSNBC rubbish.


  5. Busy Says:

    @NeuroAlex: Thanks for providing a great example of the inanity that passes now as political discourse for republican supporters.


  6. zb Says:

    I personally am offended for the macaques in this comparison. Leave the poor monkeys in peace to do what they have evolved to do.


  7. Libertarian Chimp Says:

    “GOP American base voters are basically screeching macaques mobbing a vine they mistook for a snake.”

    Very true, while the Democratic Party base voters are nothing more than orangutans waiting for the zookeepers to provide the next meal.

    Vote Libertarian! 🙂


  8. poke Says:

    “Leave the poor monkeys in peace to do what they have evolved to do.”

    The same could be said about humans…


  9. Grumble Says:

    “they were deft thinkers and political operators”

    They are still deft political operators. Turd Blossom hasn’t gone anywhere and is just waiting for the nomination circus to run its course before he gets a phone call.


  10. Green Bonobo Says:

    I personally am offended on behalf of all our primate family.


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