Teacher Draft

August 4, 2015

Yeah, I wish….

5 Responses to “Teacher Draft”

  1. olympiasepiriot Says:

    Shit. That’s funny, but halfway through I feel like crying. Hormonal. I must be hormonal. That’s all.



  2. JustAGrad Says:

    K&P are going out with a great final season.


  3. Namesaste_Ish Says:

    His dad had humble beginnings as a lowly football player….


  4. It was funny for about half the duration, and then the joke got old.


  5. Zuska Says:

    Au contraire – you need the duration to drive home the point: just how long people sit in front of their screens & absorb all the rah rah statistics about something that does nothing for the greater good of society, and actually does a lot of harm.


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