Newt Gingrich to the rescue! (Again)

April 22, 2015

Newt has called for substantial increases in the NIH allocation

15 Responses to “Newt Gingrich to the rescue! (Again)”

  1. Jim Woodgett Says:

    He must have enjoyed the medical research community implode after the last doubling and wants a re-run.


  2. SidVic Says:

    You are soo…oo correct! I’m surprised that bastard(R) didn’t propose tripling the NIH budget. You know- to really screw us over.


  3. Philapodia Says:

    It’s the second to last sentence that makes me nervous about this article:

    “to give the director more flexibility to focus resources on the most common and expensive health problems, and to place a stronger emphasis on truly breakthrough research”

    This seems like just another way to redirect funds to from the tap like what Rep Harris was talking about last year. While it looks good on the face of it, I have a feeling that it’s simply another sneaky ploy to defund the ACA.


  4. drugmonkey Says:

    Eternal vigilance Philapodia. Eternal vigilance.


  5. becca Says:

    If I were a horrible person, I’d say it seems awfully foolish for Republicans to try to get us to cure Alzheimer’s- demented individuals seem like they’d be the prime constituency for their voting base.

    In seriousness though, I think he’s sincere. I’m 98% sure Fred Upton is, he’s my local congress critter and I get his updates. There are many legislative acts I’m more skeptical of than 21st Century Cures. Actually, all of them. Like, the Congress could literally pass a “Motherhood and Apple Pie” bill that provides a year of paid maternity leave and free pie for everyone who files their taxes on time, and I would be more suspicious.


  6. Dave Says:

    Wow, what a novel opinion piece.

    I’m sure the baggers that control the purse springs will realllllly pay attention now that Gingrich has spoken up.




  7. Philapodia Says:

    Newt has his finger on the pulse of science and technology, as evidenced by insightful discussion of communications technology he posted on YouTube. He knows what the modern scientific enterprise needs. Just trust him…


  8. Emaderton3 Says:

    While I am always skeptical, I have found Newt to be very pro-science and fairly informed as a politician (I recall a Wired story several years ago in which he discussed science in a respectable manner). While I don’t agree with his other views, at least someone is once again stirring the kettle!

    Now, why can’t they be like this when they are actually in office? Since being President, I have heard an account of Dubya being quite supportive of stem cell research (I know only ESCs were banned, but the damage was done).


  9. Dave Says:

    Get over it. Newt is a nob. End of. Don’t listen to him. Don’t trust him.


  10. drugmonkey Says:

    Trust but verify. – St. Ronnie the Accuser


  11. Eskimo Says:

    It’s reassuring that not all major Repub personalities have the same attitude to the NIH as Rand Paul. But he’s just one guy who is not running for president this time around. And if Newt wants to convince his fellow R’s that the NIH is a worthy recipient of more federal money, the NYT is not the ideal venue. Maybe he’ll show up on Fox to talk about it some more.


  12. Namesaste_Ish Says:

  13. Jonathan Badger Says:

    When Republicans support science they often support the NIH because biomedical research is “safe” in their eyes. Not like those NSF-funded folk with their evilution and treehugging ecological messages…


  14. Fastball Says:

    Gingrich continues to miss to the point that the problems with NIH are far deeper and more pervasive than a budgetary shortfall. Simply infusing money into NIH is only going to result in a more lavishly broken system.

    I can’t even begin to image the response of university administrators if this happens…a frenzy of new hiring, new buildings, administrative positions, NIH budget flat lines again, hiring freezes, terminations…Rinse, repeat.

    God I miss being an actual scientist.


  15. Spike Lee Says:

    I wodner what he hopes to gain from this, and I’m wary that it could backfire. At last check, Newt was very, very unpopular:

    And even folks who liked him didn’t rate him high on things like honesty:

    Perhaps he is trying to hitch his wagon to (what should be) a popular sentiment among conservatives and liberals. But I worry that he will taint this issue with his generally shitty reputation, and, perversely, repel other politicians from this issue.


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