Blogrolling: Grant Slave

January 30, 2015

Check it out.

10 Responses to “Blogrolling: Grant Slave”

  1. Pinko Punko Says:

    I’m sure there are lots of reasons to attack the Lancet for Grant Slave, I’m not sure the papers on excess deaths in Iraq are one of them.


  2. Mikka Says:

    It seems he considers the ACA to be a purely political issue, and not in any way a public health issue on which NEJM could have an apolitical opinion.


  3. drugmonkey Says:

    See? I told you it was worth checking out.


  4. Grumble Says:

    I can read insane attacks on people who criticize Israel just about everywhere I turn, thank you very much, so I think I’ll give this particular source a pass.


  5. drugmonkey Says:

    Oh come on. You put up with my occasional political ranting… fair and balanced blog reading?


  6. Mytchondria Says:

    You’re a troll. It’s what you childless northerns must do w all that spare time you have.


  7. Pinko Punko Says:

    I could handle the political stuff if it didn’t lead me to question the scientific judgement. I will say that my uber conservative colleagues seem to compartmentalized their scientific thinking, so unless it is a question of climate change or similar, they are otherwise super bright and have a ton of expertise. It is depressing.


  8. Not to mention “slave”??????


  9. jmz4 Says:

    Wow, guy’s got issues. Journals run policy pieces all the time. No one blasts Nature for being biased when they run editorials calling for more/different funding.


  10. Lady Scientist Says:

    I showed some of “Slave’s” posts to a colleague in the social sciences and another colleague in the humanities. They particularly loved how he fails to comprehend the usefulness of humanities in one of his posts and quotes Krauthammer from Fox News.

    Reading blogs like that, which remind me of some of the NeoCon types in science that I have met, make me inordinately depressed, too. It’s like the Fox News crowd somehow got in, and there’s no escaping them, even when I’m doing science.


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