Occasionally, it doesn’t go so well for Reviewer #3

January 29, 2015

BikeMonkey Post

One inexorable rule of the jungle…err, savannah, is that the predatory carnivore that takes out the old, the slow and the weak members of the herd is actually doing a favor for Wildebeest kind.

Somewhere in there is a lesson for the study section reviewer.

Of course, sometimes this happens.

6 Responses to “Occasionally, it doesn’t go so well for Reviewer #3”

  1. the n00b lion Says:

    need MOAR explanation


  2. the n00b lion Says:

    need MOAR explanation!


  3. poke Says:



  4. awe Says:

    There’s got to be a great story with this one…


  5. damit Says:

    So basically you are doing a victory dance over getting revenge on someone you’d label as a big fish you think gave you a hard time in the past?

    Dude…..check yourself. This is way beyond your past reference format BS.

    Correct me please if misinterpreted….but this looks bad.


  6. chemicalbilology Says:

    My guess is that this is an anecdote about watching a nitpicker naysayer get piled onto by the other reviewers at a study section who know that s/he is being a jackass.


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